Luís Miguel Araújo Lopes


Luis Lopes was born in 12 April 1971 in Coimbra , but soon he settled in Viseu (Avelal).

He studied in Secondary School of Sátão , in which he had manifested great interest in the discipline of Education Visual.

It's in that time that he begins to develop the technical of pastel and carvon.

Later in 1990, he began painting with oil on canvass.

In 1995 immigrated to Switzerland, never forgetting the painter. It was in Switzerland that he made his first expositions and his paintings were been in several places such as St. Galen, Zurique, Lausanne, Sion, Sierre, Montana, Nax, Vercorin and Martigny.

In order to show his paintings in Portugal , he began to expose them in the municipal Library and chamber's in collaboration with the Mirita Casimiro auditorium (Viseu).

Nowadays Lopes lives in Ollon , in the Canton of Valais.

In the Lopes paintings we can see two primordial aspects: the colour and the utilization of pictures that make part of the children imaginary. Another aspect more sober that appears is the magnificent landscapes of Suisse Mountains that take us to other places. The reality is a determinant factor in his works; even when the subject is a clown, we have the fantasy allied to the reality. It exist a constant search of certainty in everything that surrounds him.

Lopes doesn't have any problem in working with different styles, but the one he appreciates is the spatulate oil painting.

At the moment his works are expose in several hotels and galleries in Switzerland .


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