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This page has five hyperlinks; the first one take(s) you to a brief biography of the painter. The second one has a painting table of the painter (of him), indicating the title of the paintings and the ones that are already sold. The third one gives information about the expositions. The fourth one takes you to the painter's gallery where you can see the magnificent master pieces whith their titles and dimensions. The last hyperlink is about some interviews to Lopes.


Pictures Album

To know a little more, just click in the pictures album and see the Lopes paintings gallery.


Digital Book - Portfolio 2008

Clique para ver


Virtual Exposition 2008 - 3D

Virtual Exposition - 3D

Virtual Exposition - 3D


Portfolio 2007



- "Diário Reginal de Viseu";

- Journal "Le Nouvelliste";

- "Gazeta Lusófona";

- "RTP internacional".

- "Gazeta de Sátão";

- Journal 'Luso Helvético".



- Hotel Acker - Wildhaus;

- Hotel Victoria - Vercorin;

- Municipal Library of Sátão - Sátão;

- Mirita Casimiro auditorium - Viseu;

- Gallery 027 - Sion;

- Hotel Crans Ambassador - Crans Montana ;

- Hotel Ma Vallée - Nax;

- Ecofinance - Lausanne;

- "CCPM (Centro Cultural Português)" - Martigny;

- Baravin - St. Leonard;

- Primary school - "Elísio Ferreira Afonso" - Avelal-Sátão. >>to see photos and video of the Exposition<<



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